Who can I talk to at First Community Bank?

Feel free to call any of your local bank locations because we are here for YOU
Main Bank number is (361) 888-9310 or Email Us

The President of First Community is Wes Hoskins, (361) 888-9310.


What can I do with Online Banking?
  • Check current balances on personal checking, savings, money market, loans, Certificates of Deposit (CD), and business checking.
  • Transfer funds between your checking and savings accounts.

  • View up to 180 days of account activity for your checking and savings accounts.

  • Nickname your accounts with pseudo names for a more personalized, quick and easy reference.

  • Download your posted transaction information to financial management software.

  • Pay virtually anyone online you can write a check to -- your dentist, electric company, etc.
Is Online Banking real time?

Yes, as soon as you make a deposit or payment at any of our locations you will see the transaction online.

If I have both personal and business accounts, can I view them together?

When you sign up for Online Banking, you will receive a unique ID number. Your accounts will be linked to that ID. If you are a sole proprietor, you can link a business economy checking account with a personal account using the same ID number.

What is Bill Pay?

Bill Pay is a service of our Online Banking that allows you to pay your bills online. You can pretty much pay anyone, anytime, anywhere in the United States. Making payments online is one of the most economical and efficient features of Online Banking. It saves you time by not having to write checks, make trips to the mailbox, or go to the post office. You'll even save the cost of stamps!

About Your Chip Card



Debit Card Issues

If you have lost or misplaced your debit card, call your bank location or (361)888-9310.
(If you are calling after banking hours, please follow the instructions on the recording.)


Fraud Protection

First Community Bank is watching your ATM and debit card transactions, and will notify you through our Fraud Center if there is any unusual activity.

If you notice any unusual activity, we encourage you to call (361) 888-3777 which will direct you to our Fraud Center. (If you are calling after hours, select ‘Option 2.’)

Blocked Transactions

For your protection, we have blocked transactions in the following areas where multiple accounts of fraud are detected:

  • New York
  • North Carolina

  • Ohio
  • International

  • Michigan
  • Louisiana

If you are traveling or purchasing items online from businesses located in these areas, please call us at (361) 888-9310 so we can allow a temporary block.  After payment, transactions in these areas will continue being blocked.

Lost Debit Cards

If you have lost or misplaced your debit card, call your bank location or (361) 888-9310. (If you are calling after banking hours, please follow the instructions on the recording.)

Have a question, or need more info? Click here to ask a banker.



FCB Guardian

FCB Guardian is a service that gives cardholders the ability to receive and respond to text alerts on predetermined debit card transactions for their enrolled Debit cards. CLICK HERE for more information!





Security Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a First Community Bank customer and you believe that you are a victim of any fraud, identity theft, or computer malware/virus, please contact any of your local bank locations immediately .

What can I do to protect my account?
  • Do not give your account number or routing number to people you do not know.
  • Review your bank statements frequently and report unauthorized activity.
  • Do not store passwords in the web browser or on the PC/device.
  • Enable remote tracking on mobile devices and report to the bank if it is lost/stolen.
  • Be sure that you have anti-virus software installed on your computer and that it has the latest updates.
  • Use caution when clicking website links or opening email attachments.
What is phishing email?

Phishing (pronounced "fishing") is fake email that appears to be from a valid source. The email may contain bank logos and appear to come from First Community Bank, but it was actually sent from an attacker who is trying to gather your personal and confidential information, such as your account number, routing number, social security number, PIN, birthdate, etc. If successful, the attacker will use this information to conduct fraud and/or identity theft. If you feel that you are a victim of email phishing, please contact us immediately.

What is a keylogger?

Keyloggers are malicious programs that record keystrokes on a keyboard. The program can also take screenshots of your computer monitor and record your activity. If you believe that you have been infected with a keylogger, please use a safe device to reset your passwords and contact the bank immediately to change your account information.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is malicious software called malware that infects your computer and prevents access to your files. In order to unlock your files, the malware asks you to pay a ransom. The FBI recommends that affected customers contact the local FBI office immediately at (361) 883-8671. After contacting the FBI, please notify the bank to change your account information.

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