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FCB Guardian

What is FCB Guardian?

FCB Guardian is a service that gives cardholders the ability to receive and respond to text alerts on predetermined debit card transactions for their enrolled Debit cards. CLICK HERE to sign up today!

Do I have to have Web 1st Online Banking to use this service?

No - this is a debit card service that offers debit card users the option to receive text alerts regarding certain types of transactions via their phones that have text sending and receiving capabilities.

Does this service require a smartphone?

No - the notifications are sent via text. If you are able to send and receive texts to a 5 digit number offered by FCB Guardian, the notifications will be sent and received. Please note that message and data rates may apply from your provider.

What are the types of transactions that would prompt the service to send me a text notification?

There are 7 types of Debit Card transactions that will prompt a text notification.

  1. Out of State Transactions - Any debit card purchase conducted that is NOT in the state corresponding to the address on the debit card.
  2. International Transactions - For those customers who have been pre-approved to use their debit cards outside of the US for traveling or purchasing.
  3. Transactions over $100.
  4. 5 or more transactions within a 24 hour period.
  5. Fuel Transactions - Fuel purchases done at both the pump and inside the gas station.
  6. Card Not Present - Any transaction where the card is not physically used during the transaction such as purchases made online or over the phone.
  7. Declined Transactions.

Do I have the ability to pick or change any of the rules that are covered in question 4 that prompt a text alert?

No - the transaction rules that would prompt a text alert are not able to be changed or updated by the customer.

Will I receive texts late at night? I do not want my phone going off in the middle of the night while I sleep.

FCB Guardian allows you to go online and set a "Do Not Disturb" window. During this time (which can be up to 12 hours), the text alerts will be held until the "Do Not Disturb" window is complete. Example: If your Do Not Disturb window is set for 11PM-6AM and a transaction takes place at midnight that would prompt a text notification from FCB Guardian, the text will not come through to you until after 6AM.

How much does this cost?

FCB Guardian is a free service from First Community Bank; however you should be aware that message and data rates may apply from your provider.

How do I sign up for this service?

CLICK HERE to sign up today! You will need your debit card to complete registration.

Can I have more than one phone receive alerts for the same debit card?

Yes - you have the ability to add up to 10 devices per debit card.

Can I stop the service at any time?

Yes - you may text STOP to 275-76 at any time to discontinue the service.

What happens if I receive a text alert, and I think it’s fraud?

The text alert will include a specific code to reply with if you believe a transaction is fraudulent. The code sequence will include a letter, numbers, and the word 'NO' at the end. After replying, your card will immediately be blocked from other transactions and you will be contacted on behalf of the bank to discuss the situation. If you are concerned there has been fraud on your account, we do suggest that you contact your bank immediately.

My phone is telling me that I do not have the ability to access the 275-76 number.

Some phone providers block text message to/from 5 digit numbers. To enable text messages to and from 275-76 you will need to contact your phone provider's customer service to assist you. After resolving the issue with your provider you will need go through the registration process again.

Debit Card Fraud and General Information:

Debit Card Fraud continues to rise in the Coastal Bend area and throughout Texas and the US. A proactive way to help protect against debit card fraud is to stay on top of debit card transactions and to opt-in to alerts (such as FCB Guardian) to review and confirm transactions made your debit card.

FCB customers should be checking and reviewing their accounts often to avoid fraud losses.